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| by Jasmine Kamal

Quiz: Which Fashion Era Do You Belong To?

Fashion is always changing and evolving. Every era has its own beauty, from wearing corsets under dresses to wearing them out and about. We can't forget about the Charleston trend, which emerged during the liberation era and is now back in style. Each era has its own beauty and trend that we can never get enough of because it returns as a trend after a while. Fashion never sleeps and is always on the move, so the question is, which fashion era do you belong to?

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Hang on a second! Before you take this quiz, keep two things in mind. First, don't judge your style based on the clothes you own; rather, judge it based on your personality and the clothes you like. The second thing to remember is to have fun while taking this quiz. It's a very simple quiz, and based on your answers, we'll tell you which era you belong to, so why don't we get started?

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