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After she lived 2 years in Paris and completed her internship at Swarovski, Elsa's colleagues encouraged her to start blogging and that's when Elsa O. L'accessoire was born. The blog is about a fun journey full of passion to accessories and fashion, that includes collaborations with many international brands. Sharing her ideas and tips has become part of her daily routine, and expanded to initiate her own statement jewelry brand Elsa O. Most of the people who follow her blog notice that she's a vintage lover, shoe fanatic, purple and pineapple fan.


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احصلي على أخر الأخبار علي فستاني وإنضمي لقائمتنا!


فستاني هو موقع إلكتروني للأزياء، الموضة، الجمال واللايف ستايل للمرأة العربية - وقرائنا معظمهم من مصر، السعودية وأمريكا.

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