دينا غلواش

The curly sheep of the family. That's what I've always been. But after 28 years of wishing I had any hair but mine I've finally come to love and appreciate my hair. It started about two years ago when I stumbled upon a few YouTube bloggers talking about their curly hair journey and I asked myself: "what's a curly hair journey and why would anyone want curly hair?" So I started watching and I got hooked! I started falling in love with everything that had to do with curly hair. From it's varying textures to its unpredictable results; I wanted to start my own healthy hair journey and so I did. I looked for simple ways to revive my curls because I wanted them soft and bouncy and to speak of a beauty I never believed in before. I began going as natural as possible and began taking care of my hair. I stopped going to the hairdresser and started my No-heat-challenge. I stopped coloring my hair and most importantly i began deep conditioning it at least once a week. Simply put: I started giving my hair the Tender, Love and Care it so desperately deserved. Now through out my transitioning year I get a lot of people asking me how I take care of my hair. I got so excited at the prospect of being able to help others embrace their natural hair that I started my blog CurlyTalks- to become the first Egyptian curly hair ambassador. I wanted to make others lives easier by offering them quick and easy hacks to care for their curly hair. I began doing product reviews and tutorials on how to style and restyle ones curls and I'm so thankful that people have been receiving them quite well. I'm thrilled to help others embrace and love their natural curls- because they are beautiful, they are stunning, they are YOU!


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فستاني هو موقع إلكتروني للأزياء، الموضة، الجمال واللايف ستايل للمرأة العربية - وقرائنا معظمهم من مصر، السعودية وأمريكا.

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