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An Engineer with a passion for fashion, I grew up playing dress up and a fashion designer for my barbie dolls. I also loved maths and physics in school. I always hated stereotypes and never believed that you had to be either into science or arts. I love encouraging little girls to pursue their passion and interests whatever they are, which I intend to do with my little angel. I can never say no to a crisp white shirt, a well tailored blazer and a frilly pink dress. However, it is safe to say I have a very healthy appetite for all things fashion; luxury, high street, vintage, DIY, all of it! So happy to be sharing with you bits of my fashion intrigued brain!


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احصلي على أخر الأخبار علي فستاني وإنضمي لقائمتنا!


فستاني هو موقع إلكتروني للأزياء، الموضة، الجمال واللايف ستايل للمرأة العربية - وقرائنا معظمهم من مصر، السعودية وأمريكا.

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