Remember those cheap white mugs you picked up you-don’t-even-remember-when? It’s about time you add this finishing touch to make your mugs look better than ever. Nothing says luxurious more than gold. Silver is also a good choice. Here’s an easy way to upgrade those boring 10le mugs in no time, courtesy of  Garland of Grace.

All you’ll need is:

  • Plain mugs
  • Masking or blue painters tape
  • Matte-finish indoor fast-drying gold spray paint
  • Clear sealer for ceramic

Super simple, just follow the visual instructions below.


When covering the mugs with tape, make sure that the tape is pulled tight with NO ripples to ensure the paint won’t creep up underneath.

Hold spray can about 13-18 inches away from mug and spray in short spurts to achieve even coverage and avoid dripping.

Spray the clear sealer in the same manner as above, about five minutes after gold spray.

Don’t let tape sit on the mug too long after spraying (no more than eight minutes) or the paint may peel up with the tape.

Note: Not dishwasher safe. Wash the inside by hand and lightly rinse the outside.

WE SAID THIS: Any color will work for this project! You can also get creative with the tape and play with patterns.

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