If you're always on business trips or just travel a lot for fun, you should know how to pack your carry on bag quickly! Your carry-on bag usually includes your most valuable items, that's why packing your carry-on bag should be on top of your to-do list, rather than a last minute thing to do. In order to help you save time, here's how to pack your carry-on bag in 15 minutes...

1. First thing to consider when you pack your carry-on bag, is to go for a bag that is too light. Sometimes you end up picking a bag that is already heavy without putting anything inside it, and that's not what you need. 

2. Make sure to leave all the outside pockets of your carry-on free and unattained, in order to place your chargers, headphones, sleeping mask and any last thing you may want to add.

3. Afterwards, you need to section your bag according to your destination. Meaning, if you're traveling on a business trip, you may need to have your laptop with you, which means you'll section your bag differently. If you're traveling for a holiday, make sure to include your camera, and put it in its protective case.

 4. A great tip while packing your carry-on bag, is having extra clothes with you. An undershirt and a light jacket would be of a great use especially on longer flights.

5. Since you have a carry-on bag, you'll be required to enter the plane with limited amount of liquids. Make sure to place all your toiletries like your tooth paste, tooth brush and other skincare items in a thick plastic bag with a zipper, in order to prevent any liquids leaking.

6. It's also crucial to pack some of your necessary medicines with you on the plane, in case you feel any discomfort.

7. Because traveling means lots of waiting time, you must not forget to add a book in your carry-on bag to keep you entertained.

8. Having snacks like an apple or granola bars in your carry-on bag can also be a great addition, to save you from starving on the plane.