"Lingerie is not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood." - Dita von Tesse

They are called delicates for a reason, they must be handled with utmost care. A ladie's lingerie is extremely sacred, it is the one thing that a woman wears mostly for herself, her little secret that only she knows of throughout the day that makes her feel oh so sexy. Now, do you really want to ruin your sexy little secret by tossing them in the washing machine. Here is a guide on how wash your lingerie and keep it looking as good as new. 

1. The right way to wash bras


- Cotton bras: Every now and then, there is an exception to the rule, and your cotton bras are one of them. Hook your bras, place them in a laundry bag (suitable for the washing machine) and wash them on a delicate cycle. 

Lace bras, or any other type of bra that is not plain cotton, should be washed by hand. 

- Use a gentle fabric wash and soak your bras in a small container for about 10 minutes in room temperature or cool water.

-  Make sure to squeeze your bras gently after removing them from the container.

-  Do not twist the bras when squeezing out the water, just squeeze the cups of the bra gently.

-  Place the wet bras on a soft towel and leave them to dry. Once they start to dry up, you can hang them off a hook from the middle part of the bra.

- Leave your bras to dry indoors, your neighbors do not need to know how your bras look like! 

- Do not place your bras in the dryer, the heat will break down the elasticity and ruin the fine detailing on the lingerie.

- Be careful not to soak colored bras together, keep the white ones with the whites and the reds with the reds, etc.

- Wash your bra after wearing it three times.

2. The right ways to wash you panties


- Most of your underwear will have care instructions on the label, but the facts are more or less like the bras. The cotton panties can be placed in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. 

- As for your lace panties and your G- strings, these need to be hand-washed.

- If there are stains on the underwear, apply a stain treatment to the spot and rub it gently before soaking it in a container with fabric wash. 

- Even if there are no stains, it is recommended to rub the underwear thoroughly using both hands to give it a good clean, then leave it to soak for 10 minutes.

- After they have soaked, do not twist the panties either, just remove the excess water by squeezing them in your hand. 

- Place the panties to dry by hanging them on the side of your bathtub, or the rod of your shower curtain. 

- You should wash your underwear after wearing it only once, it is more hygienic.

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3. The right way to wash your night Gowns 


- It depends whether your night gown is cotton or satin, make sure to check the instructions on the label. 

- Cotton can be washed on a delicate cycle in the washing machine.

- Your satin/silk night gown can be washed in the the washing machine but it is preferable to hand wash it. 

- Your chiffon night gown cannot be placed in the washing machine, you MUST hand wash it and be very careful not to rip it.

- Use a washing detergent to wash your night gowns when soaking them. 

- Do not wring or twist your gowns to squeeze out excess water. 

- Place your night gowns on a towel and leave them to dry. 

- There is no need to iron your satin night gowns, just fold them properly before placing them in your drawer. If you want to iron them, flip them inside out and choose a light setting.