Every couple of years, a new makeup trend surfaces into the quickly evolving world of makeup. Whether it’s contouring, highlighting, ombré lips or baking, everyone wants to try the new makeup trends. In addition to so, new makeup product lines are launched to meet the ever changing consumer demand.

2015 started with the ever so popular contouring trend, that was influenced by Kim Kardashian. A big part of contouring is highlighting key facial features, by using highlighting powder or illuminating cream; a technique to bring attention to your best features while hiding your not so flattering ones with contour powder. So what does this have to do with strobing, the new makeup trend?

Strobing is just another name for highlighter! Why strobing and not highlighting? Well, strobing is a technique that is used to contour your face using only highlighter; so you skip one-step, contour, Hurray!

How can you apply the strobing makeup technique? Simple…after you apply your BB cream, foundation or tinted moisturizer; use your favorite highlighter to enhance the appearance of your desired facial features. The illuminating particles will attract the light emphasizing your highlighted features and naturally diverting attention from your flaws.

So whether you choose to stick to contouring and highlighting or decide to try out the new strobing trend; you will inevitably achieve the same results. Gorgeous glowing skin and highlighted features.