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Fashion Header image article main five sexy lingerie trends every woman must try out

| by The Fustany Team

Five Sexy Lingerie Trends Every Woman Must Try Out

This season, there are certain lingerie trends that we're seeing everywhere in shops and boutiques. To help you stay (sexy!) and up to date, we rounded up five lingerie trends that every woman must try out. From the popular bralettes to the retro-looking high-waisted panties, just scroll down to see what lingerie you must be wearing to feel oh-so-sexy.

1. The bralette:

Bralettes are one of the sexiest lingerie trends right now. What exactly is a bralette? It's a dainty wireless bra, that usually features feminine lace details, flimsy straps and minimal padding. Bralettes are usually worn beneath sheer tops, however, if this look doesn't suit you, you can wear this delicate lingerie piece at the comfort of your home. You can find various style of bralettes at For Love & Lemons.

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2. The strappy back bra:

This lingerie trend will make you forget everything you ever knew about not letting your bra show! When you're wearing a strappy back bra, you should totally show it off. Just be careful to do it the right way, so you don't end up with a bad style. If you like strappy back bras, you'll find a huge selection at Victoria's Secret.

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3. The lace bodysuit:

Lace bodysuits aren't a new lingerie trend, they've been there for ages, however, they recently got a sexy update. There are two types of lace bodysuits, the ones that are meant to worn for a steamy night with your hubby, and others than can double up as a top. You can find bodysuits at Forever 21 and Nasty Gal.

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4. The printed robes:

Printed robes might not seem like a sexy lingerie piece at the first sight, however, what's sexy about them is that truly look playful. Sexy lingerie isn't all about lace and sheer, that's why you should give printed robes a try for a twist. They say the unexpected moment is always sweeter! Where to find them? ASOS and B by Ted Baker.

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5. The high-waisted panties:

Retro-looking high-waisted panties are currently one of the major lingerie trends. This underwear that provides full coverage comes in many sexy styles, and they'll all give you a modern take on the glamorous retro look. High-waisted panties can be paired with cropped lace bustiers or just your favorite everyday bra. For Love & Lemons and Nasty Gal stock lots of high-waisted panties.

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