Mia Jafari

Mia Jafari is an Iranian-born and British-raised designer focusing on digitally printed, limited-edition silk scarves and printed dresses. The Central St. Martins design graduate’s brand invites you to bask in a world of wanderlust; where majestic creatures drag Louboutin heels across endless domes, filled with ruby red lipsticks while nocturnal, gem-encrusted owls take night-watch over enchanted trees dripping with strawberry pink muffins. Mia Jafari's label has been featured in numerous press including Grazia, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Nylon and Ok! among other fashion publications. Her designs can be purchased at various retailers and online at Currently living between London and Dubai, Mia will chronicle the highs and lows of running a design label, where she haunts for her inspiration, the hurdles facing independent designers and as well as much more for

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