Getting ready every day for college might make you feel bored sometimes; wearing the same style and styling your hair in the same way. So why not try out something new? Like these 10 cute easy hairstyles for college students, that you can totally copy.

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I’ll help you find an idea or two that will make you change a little bit from your daily style. The photos I picked for you are all from your favorite Instagram accounts, so I guarantee you a very cute and very stylish hairstyle for college. So keep on reading, and find out how you can style your hair differently every day at college.

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College girl hairstyles ideas:

1. Messy Bun


The messy bun is the ultimate effortlessly sexy look. It barely needs effort because the less effort you put in it, the better it looks.

2. The half top bun

This is great for classes or midterms when you want your hair out of the way without having to tie all of it back. 

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2. The double half top buns

Besides being unbelievably cute, you will love this when you're bored of the same look everyday and you want to change things up, while still feeling comfortable. 

3. The high ponytail

The ultimate chic fashion girl look. Who doesn't love a good sleek high pony tail, it's timeless and you can guarantee no humidity, wind or exercise will mess it up, if you style it correctly.

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4. The simple half top ponytail

Another classic that we've all done and love. This is a great quick bathroom fix, when your hair isn't on its best behaviour. Just grab the front section and pull it up in a pony tail to reveal fresher morer tamer hair underneath. 

5. The side braids

Side braids are ideal for summer and hot weather. They just take everything off your face and you can tie your hair if you'd like throughout the day. 

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6. The single braid with loose hair

Practicality? There's not much to it, but do they look great? Yes! These are so cute and subtle, you'll want to them everday. 

7. The headband hairstyle

Pull out your favourite silk scarves and pick one for every day of the week. This hairstyle is so special and very comfy. 

8. French braids or pigtail braids

French braids or even dutch braids just make any outfit or makeup look, look 10 times better. They also make you feel light and fabulous. 

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9. Baseball caps over loose hair

Sunny? Whoever sad goodbye to baseball caps? We definitely didn't. They're cute, practical and they can hide a bad hairday like nothing else.

11. Low ponytail


The best thing about low pony tails is that you can leave it loose and messy or you can go for a sleeker look, just depends on the day.