A lot of women feel uncomfortable with their grey roots, and that's why they tend to dye it and cover it. However, between each and every salon appointment, some grey hairs become visible and sometimes we're stuck at home unable to go to the salon. So, we'll share with you a quick fix to cover your grey roots at home.

If your hair also desperately needs a haircut, here's how you can actually give yourself one at home!

One of the fastest and easiest ways to (temporarily) cover your grey roots at home is to use mascara. Yes, mascara! It is one of the best ways to cover gray roots between colorings, and it's very suitable for women with black or brown hair. If you have red hair or a lighter hair color, scroll down to see how to hide grey hair.

1. How to use mascara to cover grey roots?

1. Select a mascara shade that's similar to your hair color.

2. Part your hair where grey roots are visible, and then gently use the mascara wand to paint them.

3. To avoid any clumps, brush your hair when you're done. Try to add volume to your hair, as it makes grey roots less visible.

Quite easy, right? Now you know how to quickly cover your grey roots at home, without using any hair dye!

What if you want to dye your hair and change up your look? You can also easily do that at home. 

2. Hair Root Touch Up Sprays for grey roots


Another alternative is using a product like this L'Oreal Magic Root Cover Up. It's a spray with a tiny nozzle that shoots color where you position it. They have 8 shades!

3. Hair Root Touch Up Mascaras  for grey roots


There are also mascara-like products that are made for covering grey hair as well. These are great because they're more precise and you can really get into the root and be more detailed about your application. This one is by Cover Your Gray.

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Tutorial: How to cover grey hair at home

This tutorial is a great one because Sheri shows you how to use both of these products to cover your roots at home easily and efficiently. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @venswifestyle