I've heard about dry shampoo a lot, but never really knew what was it all about until today. That's why I decided to share with you the facts you need to know about dry shampoo. It could be considered a secret hair styling tool, or a savior to be precise. Got to run to that morning meeting quickly with no time to wash your hair? Dry shampoo is the answer. Want to keep your hair clean and fresh after your daily workout without damaging your hair from extra washes? Dry shampoo is also the answer. From cleaning greasy hair roots, to saving your hair from too much washing, here's all what you need to know about dry shampoo.

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- Dry shampoo is a dry substance (powder or spray-on), that's used instead of the normal shampoo to clean your hair, without the need to get it wet with water.

- The formula in the dry shampoo cleans greasy hair by absorbing oil and soaking up dirt from your scalp.

- Dry shampoo can't replace the normal shampoo. After three applications of dry shampoo, you should know it's time to wash your hair properly.

- You can't use dry shampoo on damp or wet hair, it won't have the same effect as it only works on dry hair.

- If you're using dry shampoo powder, make sure to sprinkle on top of the greasy areas of your scalp focusing on the roots, then use a hair brush/comb to distribute it evenly.

- To avoid any mess, apply dry shampoo powder over the sink, so any excess wouldn't fall on the floor.

- A spray-on dry shampoo bottle should be held 6 inches away from your hair roots, to avoid creating any product buildup. Just a few spritzes will do the job.

- Don't freak out if you find your hair white after applying dry shampoo, it takes a couple of minutes to settle and start absorbing the oil. Massage dry shampoo on your hair with your finger tips, like you do with normal shampoo.

- You should always brush/comb your hair afterwards to remove any residues, and you can also use a blow-dryer to help you with that process.

- Dry shampoo is ideal for emergencies, if you need to freshen up your blowout before a sudden outing or meeting.

- If you workout on a daily basis, dry shampoo can be your hair's best friend, because you can't really wash it everyday after every workout.

- To give off your hair a fresh scent after using dry shampoo, add a few drops of an essential oil such as eucalyptus, citrus, or lavender to your finger tips, and then run your hands through your hair ends.

- If you've done a keratin treatment to your hair, it's safe to use dry shampoo on it.

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