Balayage is an old hair coloring technique, that’s currently trend and making its way back into the world of hair coloring. It’s a French word for paint or sweep. What is so special about balayage? It's a hair coloring technique that will give you a natural hair color look. It creates a soft and light effect to your hair, so it won’t look tacky.

Balayage has been the choice of celebrities for years now, and the masters of hair coloring have been using it for that flawless natural hairstyle look. The great thing about Balayage other than the natural look, is that it helps your hair grow without worrying about the color of your roots. It flows softly and naturally, that it allows brunettes to color their hair every two or three years. However, blondes they have to do it every eight to twelve weeks.

Check out the images down there to see what is the balayage hair coloring technique.