Curly hair is pretty, flirty and fun! Sure, I'm certainly a big fan of thick curly hair, yet as a person that truly suffers from her own wavy hair, I've decided to dedicate this article to the gorgeous ladies with curly hair out there. Here are the terms and conditions of keeping your hair at a rational state. 

1. Don't brush your extra curly strands especially after a shower. 

If you really intend to do that, which I don't recommend, then you should brush it with wide toothed comb. You should preferably brush it merely near your scalp area and not towards the ends.

2. Do trim your hair once every three months. 

Make trimming a regular routine, this way your hair and curls will remain fresh, natural and less prone to frizziness

3. Don't blow dry your hair, and don't dry it with a towel either. 

Leave it to dry naturally while applying leave-in conditioner, this will leave it more defined and less messy. 

4. Do you want a secret tip? 

After you pop out of the shower with leave-in conditioner on your hair, stay for around five minutes in the bathroom. The steam will help your hair strands to curl up.

5. Don't wrap your hair in a cotton scarf, use a silk one instead. 

During sleep, friction occurs between your hair strands and the cotton scarf which only roughens your hair ends and leaves it brittle, while a silk scarf/pillow leaves your hair saturated and sleek.

6. Do apply hair spray. 

A spritz or two can amazingly make your curls stay in place. You can as well use hair spray to restyle your curls and keep a hair up-do looking neat.

7. Don't shampoo daily. 

Over cleansing will only deprive your hair from its natural oils, which will leave it dry and even more puffy. Invest in a shampoo with oily ingredients to tame you curls.