The chat with Danilo, Pantene's Global Ambassador started off with him asking which was my favorite look from his presentation at the P&G Vision House event in Barcelona. My answer was the hairstyle with the colored pastel pink tips (picture below).


Danilo: What's interesting about this hairstyle is that it's something I see women worldwide embracing, from 14 to  70 year olds. That's what got my interest! When they do their ombre on their own, it somehow frees and empowers them. That's why I call it pretty punk, because it's not the aggressive kind of punk, but rather a beautiful one. It works on all types of people and gives a happy feeling. It's just liberating, a lot of people worldwide need a little freedom and changing their hair to a color such as this, gives the perfect feeling. It's playtime, it says I'm cool, no matter who I am.


Are you seeing street style influencing the upcoming trends when it comes to hair?

Danilo: Absolutely! There's street style, there's runway and there's red carpet, they all sort of shift and influence one another. Street style is incredible as it often influences fashion and that’s a big thing. People think to themselves, we can do it ourselves no one can tell us what we should do, and that's where trends pick up.


What's your favorite thing about the ombre look?

Danilo: Well, it's the mix between natural and artificial. There's one part of your natural hair showing, which you didn't dye, but there's also the color you'd like to include that truly reflects your personality and mood, which is present in the ends of your hair.


Tell us one thing you find interesting about hair and beauty…

Danilo: I have to tell you, things are moving so fast and it’s all about individuality. Besides, there’s also a cultural aspect to things, where you would find certain beauty secrets let’s say from Morocco move on to the US and vice versa. Before it wasn’t acceptable in Asia to easily change their hairstyle or color, but now everyone around the world is more open to change and experimenting with new things. So I can safely say, there are no rules, the rules are gone and while you can start off your week with straight hair, you can end the week with a curly look. Punk is now couture, everything has flipped and people are not being as judgmental as they were before. Your image is part of who you are and what you’re trying to tell people around you. Everyone should embrace their own beauty, whether it’s your face or hair. Show it off and know for a fact it’s part of who you are. Just enjoy it and let it happen!

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