Here comes the spring, the season where flowers bloom and gardens look so vibrant. It's the perfect time to dress up your hair with flower crowns, just like a mystical princess. I believe there's something about dressing up your hair with a flower crown that looks very bohemian-inspired, like a modern day Frida Kahlo. Flower crowns have been trending lately, making a statement as an "it" headpiece. There are two ways to wear a flower crown, you can either go with a real flower halo, or a fake flower headband.

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Flower crowns are perfect for adding that whimsical touch to a morning look, whether you're heading to a brunch, a wedding or even to the beach. There are several ways to style your hair with a flower crown, it's not only about leaving it in loose cascading waves, you can also have it paired with a side braid or a messy hairdo.

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