Want to make you hair look healthier? Then first, you need to know the hair mistakes you should stop doingJust as you like to style your hair and have fun with it, sometimes you unintentionally tire it. Frizzy, messy and uncontrollable hair doesn't just happen over night. There are so many hair mistakes that you should stop doing right now to have better hair days...

1. Wash your hair the right way.

The rule is, never shampoo your ends and never condition your roots. Your hair ends tends to be the most dry part of your hair. Most of the time, the ends get affected the most and dry fast due to the chemicals in hair products or loads of blow drying. By shampooing your split ends, this will only leave them dry and more frizzy. When it comes to your roots, they naturally produce oils so if you apply lots of conditioner on your scalp, you might end up having oily scalp or greasy hair.

2. Avoid extreme hot air. 

If there's one hair mistake you should stop doing, it would be not to blow dry your hair with really hot air. Opt for cooler temperatures when it comes to drying your hair. Blow-drying your hair with hot air will eventually weaken it, and might result in having an itchy scalp or even dandruff. Leave you hair to dry naturally and if you're in a rush, just run some cold air through it.

3. Stay away from tight hairdos.

Stop pulling your hair backwards in tight ponytails. Your scalp and hair strands are far more sensitive than you think. Treat them gently and stop styling your hair in a way that can actually cause severe breakage and hair loss. 

4. Let your hair dry. 

Brushing wet hair is just wrong. I know how hard it is to resist brushing your hair right after you pop out of the shower, but yes you should work on this. Wet hair is just at its weakest condition. Quit the habit of wrapping your hair in a towel, rubbing it harshly to dry. All you need to do, is wait till it dries a little bit and then comb it with a wide-tooth wooden comb.

5. A break is always nice.

Give it a break from time to time. If you're spending your weekend at home, make use of this and leave your hair to rest. Instead of straightening your hair at the hair salon, pamper it and condition it with oil or cream. Give your hair a clarifying treatment at least twice per month.