Are you having a bad hair day? Don't worry, were telling you five super easy ways you can control a bad hair dayWe all have them, and you can't really avoid them no matter what type of hair you have. Doesn't it suck when it comes on a day where you have a meeting, a special event, or even a date? However, anything is fixable, read up on these five tricks that can fix a bad hair day.

1. Try wearing a hat.

Though it may sound cliche and predictable to fix a bad hair day with a hat, but fedora hats and beanies are really in. They look awesome, and you can work your entire outfit around it, making it look like the perfect statement accessory. Even Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba wear hats to accessorize their outfits. 

2. Braids are lifesavers.

A great way to fix bad hair days is to get super creative with braids. For example, braid up your frizzy sections and connect them with some bobby pins. Try the fishtail braid, especially the messy ones, its the perfect way to make your hair look good. 

3. Messy Buns.

Buns, all kinds of buns really have been trending lately and are one the easiest ways to fix a bad hair day. The beauty of buns is that they can be worn for any kind of occasion. Go for berry red lips and your entire look and mood will have sprung around.

4. A sleek ponytail can fix anything.

The obvious way to fix a bad hair day, is with a ponytail. You'll want to control your hair and focus the attention elsewhere, like bold lips, statement earrings etc…Kim Kardashian has mastered the sleek ponytail at its best.

5. Lastly the hair straightener.

Don't straighten all your hair, when trying to fix a bad hair day,choose the areas that really need it. For example bangs, fringe etc… If you have really curly hair and want to apply the braid strategy, straighten out the parts in your hair that you will twist.