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| by Nada Allam

Five Ways to Stop Bad Hair Habits

Are you one of those people who constantly plays with their hair. Whether you are nervous, or even just pondering, you can't help but wrap your hair around your finger. Or just look through it and attack those nasty little split ends.  Well, did you know that it is extremely unhealthy to constantly pick at your hair? You fingers probably contain dirt and oils, and playing with your hair will just fill your scalp or stands with them. Bad hair habits are one of those things you really need to work on and stop, just like biting your nails. Here are a few ideas to stop bad hair habits:

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1. Go for an updo. If you tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun, you are less likely to pull out a strand of hair and just play with it.

2. Ripping out your hair leads to split ends, and no lady wants split ends! When you rip out your hair, you are causing breakage to your hair, because you did not cut it professionally with a pair of scissors, which will lead to split ends.

3. Always condition and brush your hair. That way, you are less likely to run your fingers through your hair and detangle any knots.

4. Style your hair, don't let it fall naturally. When you worked on styling your hair in a certain way, and probably used bobby pins to keep it in place, you will think twice before playing with your hair and ruining that hair-do. 

5. Go for regular trims. That way, when you pick at your hair, and find no split ends, you will let it be.

6. Braids! Braids are also a great way to pull your hair together and reduce the chances of playing with your locks. If you pull one strand out of the braid, the entire style will get ruined. 

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