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Beauty Header image article main four ways to style your hair overnight for natural curls

| by Zeina Tawfik

Four Ways to Style Your Hair Overnight for Natural Curls

My hair is naturally straight, and it's always quite a challenge to make it look more voluminous and wavy. If you're anything like me, I'm sure you've tried several techniques to try and add curls to your hair. I know that you can always opt for the curling iron or hair straightener to create those sought after curls, but on the long run, the heat can actually cause damage and make your hair unhealthy. But don't you worry, you can still get curls without using any heat. Here are four ways to style your hair overnight for naturally curly...

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1. Using hair rollers for naturally curly

You might think that using hair rollers is an old-fashioned hairstyling technique, but you know what they say, old is gold. Use big rollers if you want big and loose curls, and use small rollers if you want small and bouncy curls. After you wash you hair, and comb it, dry it gently with a towel. Then start sectioning your hair using a comb, and carefully roll up the hair rollers and make sure it's secured well in place. Repeat this step until your hair is fully covered with hair rollers. Leave it overnight and when you wake up and take out the hair rollers, you'll be left with natural curls. Tip: If you don't want to sleep with wet hair, you can blow dry it and then put on the hair rollers.

2. Putting your hair in a bun for naturally curly

For the best results, your hair needs to be damp, as it won't be able to dry completely while it's rolled up overnight. After washing your hair and combing it properly, leave it to dry until it's damp. Pull your hair up in a ponytail, and secure it with an elastic hairband. Twist your hair around the ponytail forming a bun, and secure with bobby pins. Now you can head to sleep and leave it overnight. In the morning as you're taking out the bobby pins and hairband, run your fingers gently through your hair for natural light waves.

3. Braiding your hair for naturally curly

This is one of the easiest ways to style your hair overnight for natural curls, it's the good old braid. When your hair is damp, brush it properly and then part it into two sections. Braid the two sections and secure with elastic hairbands. If you want tighter curls, then tighten up your braids, but if you if you want looser curls, let your braids be loose, or even make a single braid instead of two. When your hair is dry, remove the elastic hairbands and run your fingers gently through the braids to undo them.

4. Twisting your hair for naturally curly

I have to warn you, twisting your hair will make you look ridiculous, but if you're really desperate to get natural curls, then it's totally worth it. When your hair damp, brush it properly and then part in into two sections. Tie one side temporarily with an elastic hairband until you work on the other one. Take small sections of your hair, comb it, and then start twisting it. Roll the twisted hair strand up, and then secure with a bobby pin. Repeat this step until all your hair is rolled up in twists. Tip: While twisting your hair, make sure that you're twirling it away from your face and not towards it.

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