A good hair day can happen over night and it all depends on how you style your hair after a shower! You need to figure out the best way to style your kind of hair to maintain its volume without being all over the place. So, let's get started ladies, after you showered and applied hair serum, be sure to towel dry your hair, to avoid any  dripping. Next we're going to tell you the best way to style your wet hair overnight, no matter what your hair type is, there is always a way.

1. For natural curls

The best thing you can do overnight is to style your hair in french braids if you'd like to get natural curls as an outcome. Part your hair in two sections or more, according to its thickness. While braiding your wet hair, make sure to tie it in tight locks, starting from your scalp all the way to your ends so it creates the natural creases you want. 

2. For wavy hair

Are you looking for the 'wavy hair, don't care look'? You can easily get this textured effect on your hair locks by styling them in loose braids. Part your hair in two sections, and start braiding after running serum over it. The outcome once you remove the hair bands in the morning? Beachy waves.

3. For straight hair

Yes, you can absolutely achieve the straight hair look overnight! After you rinse your hair, go over it with your blow-dryer, starting with your scalp and move downwards. Then it's time to section your hair into three. Using a wide toothed comb, roll you hair locks on oversized rollers then secure them with bobby pins. Repeat the same step until your hair is fully secured in rollers, then go over it once again with your blow dryer. Tie a silk scarf tightly on your hair, go to bed and wake up with gorgeous hair in the morning.

If you don't have rollers, section your hair into two, with one section bigger than the other. Take the bigger section and brush it in the opposite direction using a comb, towards your forehead. Do the same with every hair strand while holding the already wrapped part with your hands to prevent hair from sliding out. As you wrap your hair all around your head, make sure to secure it with bobby pins when needed. At the end, it should seem like you wrapped your hair in 360 degrees. Finally, tie it with a silk scarf overnight to stay in place. 

4. For voluminous hair

Trust me, you don't need to head to the hair dresser to get bouncy and voluminous hair. You can tie up your wet hair with bobby pins in small buns, five or six, and then wrap it with a silk scarf. Your hair will look like you just walked out of the hair dresser.

Photo Credits: Imgacrade.com