You can detangle knots with your fingers, but a good hairbrush does more than that. There isn't only one hair brush we should own, but actually a set of hairbrushes, because each and every one of them has their own purpose. So, here is a list of hair brushes every woman should have.

1. A wide spaced comb

This hair brush is usually used by curly haired gals. Since you only brush your hair when it is wet, use a wide spaced comb. Your hair is at its weakest when it is wet, so the wide spaced comb will brush it fast and easy, with minimal hair falling out.

** The wide spaced comb should also be used to part your hair correctly

** Even if you don't have curly hair, it is preferable to brush your hair with a wide spaced comb when it is wet. 

2. Flat paddle brush

This is the basic brush that we all know and probably use. They come in two shapes, the square and the oval, with a cushioned surface. The flat paddle brush should be used when hair is dry and is great for detangling thick hair. If you brush/comb your hair every day, the flat paddle brush should be your pick, it doesn't pull out the hair and distributes the natural oils in your hair.

3. Wooden cylindrical brush

This is the perfect type for blow drying/straightening out your hair. Be sure to choose a brush with wide bristles, because it will help in straightening out your hair.

4. Thermal brush

This one is the metal cylindrical brush, and it is perfect for fashioning a hair do. When the brush heats up, the metal part of the brush acts like rollers, which helps curl your hair much better than a wooden cylindrical brush.

5. Teasing brush

The teasing brush is probably one of the most important hair styling tools. The teasing brush can be used either to smooth down fly aways after you fashioned your hair do, or it can be used to add volume to your hair do, by brushing the inside of your hair downwards. The teasing brush is usually used when you are making a bun

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