When it comes to choosing the right hair conditioner that's suitable for my hair type, I usually get lost and confused between the many options and brands. The importance of a hair conditioner, is that it makes your hair shiny, supple and easy to handle. But if you choose the wrong type for your hair, it will do just the opposite of that. Now let me tell you how to choose the right hair conditioner for your hair type, to avoid any damages.

How to choose hair conditioner for greasy hair:

- If your hair is greasy, then you should avoid all the hair conditioners for curly hair, as they will make your strands more fragile and more frizzy.

- The hair conditioners that contain protein can help your hair be shinier, and they are the best choice for the greasy hair.

- When you apply the hair conditioner, make sure you apply it only on your hair ends and not the roots. Also, make sure you rinse it well with cold water for a whole minute.

How to choose hair conditioner for dry hair or damaged frizzy hair:

- Avoid using hair conditioners that help your hair grow faster.

- Choose a hair conditioner that treats dry and damaged hair, it will moisturize your hair and help you control frizzy hair.

- You can also use coconut oil, as it’s full benefits for your dry and damaged hair.

How to choose hair conditioner for normal hair:

- A balancing conditioner is the best hair conditioner for the normal hair, as it contains a high dosage of moisture. It will leave your hair moisturized just enough, not greasy and not dry.