Use Household Items to Create Amazing Heatless Curls
Mariam Youssef
12/22/22, 4:00 PM

Your hair has had enough, right? Then, it’s time to put all the curling iron days behind you and start looking for new ways to create beautiful heatless curls. The damage that results from excessive heat and the effort and time it takes to create beach or wild waves is unnecessary. Moreover, heatless curling tools may not be in everyone’s home. So, we decided to save you some money and time by showing you how to create heatless curls using household items.

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Dampen hair then put your headband on and section your hair by clipping ⅔ of your hair out of the way behind your headband. Twist the remaining section around the back of your headband. Secure it with a bobby pin so it doesn’t unravel. Then take down another section and do the same process. Wrap each section separately to avoid tangles. Leave it overnight and you’ll wake up to beachy, messy, and textured curls.

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Dampen your hair a bit with a spray and grab out a small section of hair. Brush it out so there are no tangles and wrap it around a Velcro roller. Pin or clip each section to secure it well. Repeat this all over your head using 1-inch sections. Once all your rollers are in, seal them with a hair spray and keep the rollers on for 1-2 hours. Obviously, the longer you leave them, the more defined the curls will be, but 2 hours will get you decent results. This method provides gentle, subtle, loose curls.

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Braids are classic ways to curl your hair. You can decide how tight or loose you want your curls to be and braid your hair accordingly. You can divide your hair into multiple small sections and braid them or simply go for a full, classic braid. Make sure you dampen your hair beforehand and leave the braid/s overnight for great results. You’ll end up with carefree, natural, beachy waves.

Sock Bun

We're using the traditional method here; however, we suppose it would work just as well with one of those foam bun doughnuts. To create a sock bun, make a high ponytail at the top of your head. Then, drag your cut-from-the-top sock to the end and let the donut roll back on itself as it is being pulled around your ponytail. Still confused? This video will explain it better!

Paper Towel

If you’ve been wanting to attempt this vintage method, now is the time. Similar to the fabric version, which is frequently done with old rags, we’re featuring strips of paper towel! Basically, you start with a lot of paper towel strips (you may cut them roughly sized 20 cm by 5cm). After that, take hold of your hair and begin to roll it up to the top of your head by wrapping it around the paper and pulling it in that direction. To secure the curl in place, finish by making a loose knot in the paper.


Okay. Well, this is going to take you forever, but, hear us out! This is the perfect way to get really tight, crisp curls that will last for days. If that’s the look you’re going for, you need to try this method. Explaining it may not be exactly what you want, so here’s a tutorial video.

Bathrobe Tie Curls

Put the belt from your robe on top of your head and center it so that it is even on both sides to create extra-bouncy heatless curls. Next, separate your hair into two portions. Wrap one section of hair in a circle around the bathrobe tie while gathering the other section as you go. Once you've completed the process, fasten each side with a hair tie or a clip. Leave it overnight for the finest effects, and you'll have stunning, curled hair when you wake up.

Stocking Curls

Use a pair of stockings or an over-the-knee sock as your base if you prefer smaller, more compact curls. The same approach as robe curls must be used for this method, which calls for dry hair. For added hold and volume, you can prep your hair with texture spray or hairspray.

Satin Scarves

You can achieve natural, heat-free curls using two satin scarves in a manner identical to the previous hacks involving socks or a bathrobe belt. Apply the same method of gradually gathering hair and tightly wrapping it around the scarf. To achieve the greatest results, tie the scarves loosely into two buns, one on each side of your head.

How do you usually style your hair? If you like curling your hair, kiss your curling iron goodbye and use these methods for cool hairstyles. Which of these methods is your favorite?

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