How to get shiny hair is what every girl out there looks for, because let's face it, who wouldn't really love to have healthy glossy hair. If your hair lacks shine, there are simple steps and procedures that will help you maintain its health and restore shine and softness. Learn how to get shiny hair by following these hair care tips...

- If you want to get shiny hair naturally, don't wash your hair everyday. Over-washing your hair makes it drier by taking away the natural oils your scalp produces.

- Use little amount of shampoo and conditioner while washing your hair and this will help you get shiny hair. Any excess amount will leave your hair with residues that will make it more dull.

- Splash your hair with cold water as a final rinse out, that way your hair cuticles will fall flatter and will reflect more light. This will make you get shiny hair in no time. 

- Dry your hair gently when it's wet by patting it with a towel rather than rubbing it roughly. If you want to get shiny hair, you must know that rubbing it roughly will make your hair lose its shine.

- Don't apply leave-in conditioners or serums too close to your scalp, you'll end up with a greasy look.

- Use a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks to cleanse your hair from any styling products buildup and hence, this will make you get shiny hair. 

Blow dry your hair by letting the dryer's nozzle facing downwards, that way you'll create an overall sleek and shiny look.

- Avoid excessive blow drying, because usually reduces your hair shine.

- Try to use straightening irons and blow driers that are enhanced with the ion technology in order for your hair to seem more shiny.

- If you want to get shiny hair, you should never go out while your hair is still wet, it will be affected due to external pollutants.

- Avoid using plastic combs to brush your hair as they add more static, resulting in a frizzy look.

- Don't forget to drink an enough amount of water to lock-in the natural moisture in your hair. The ultimate goal is eight glasses per day for shiner and healthier hair.

- Get a regular hair trim every six weeks, split ends will only make your hair look damaged and dull.

- Pamper your hair by giving it a weekly deep conditioning treatment. You can use coconut oilolive oil or honey and milk for homemade hair masks. Trust me, this will make you get shiny hair in a short period of time.