Have you been wondering how to make a messy top knot bun? After seeing celebrities rocking the messy top knot bun lately, I fell in love with that purposely undone hairstyle and have been recreating the same look for myself.The messy top knot bun is an easy and versatile hairstyle to do if you're running late to work in the morning, or if you're heading for a night out with your friends, it will instantly add a chic vibe to your look. Follow those easy steps to make a perfect looking messy top knot bun.

1. Put your hair up in a high ponytail, and secure it tightly using an elastic hair band. Make sure the back side of your hair is smooth, and that it's all brushed upwards.

2. Using a comb, start backcombing the ponytail you just made.

3. Twist your fluffed up hair into a loose circular shape around the base of the ponytail. You don't need to worry about making it perfect, the whole idea is how to make a messy top knot bun.

4. Secure the messy top knot bun you've just created by using four to five bobby pins, and try to insert them subtly in between your hair.

5. If you ended up with a tight top knot bun after you've added the bobby pins, use your fingers to slightly loosen up your hair until you reach your desired texture.

6. To finish off, add some hairspray to pat down flyway hairs.

Voila, you just made a messy top knot bun in just six steps!