Have you picked a dress for your upcoming special event but still  have no clue how to style your hair? We’ll help you pick the right hairstyle that suits your evening dress.

Hair, makeup, and jewelry help highlight the beauty of the dress you’re wearing, and make you achieve the final look you’re aiming for. And what’s better than celebrity red carpet looks to demonstrate and inspire how to style your hair with your evening dress? So, let’s see how it’s done...

10 Timeless Hairstyles That Never Go out of Style

1. Hairstyle for a high neckline evening dress with long sleeves

With a dress like that, you’d want to highlight your neck, so the most suitable hairstyle is a low up-do, a messy up-do, or a high up-do.

2. Hairstyle for a high neckline evening dress with cut-out sleeves

This kind of dress can look great with loose hair, and it can also match with an up-do. But an up-do would highlight your neck and shoulders.

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3. Hairstyle for a see-through high neckline evening dress

We love how Jennifer Lopez styled this see-through dress with the wet hair look. This hairstyle gave enough space for the dress to show, and enough sleekness to the whole look.

4. Hairstyle for an off-the-shoulder evening dress

Most women wear their hair up for this dress, but the way Bella Hadid styled her hair with her off-the-shoulder dress gave her a fresh look. The middle part and sleek straight hair ticked all the boxes. It is a very sleek and sexy look; we’d say this look is inspired by none other than the gorgeous Monica Belluci.

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5. Hairstyle for a high strapless evening dress

Amy Adams nailed this look with a sleek, middle-parted and dropped back hairstyle, this Tom Ford dress couldn’t look any better.

6. Hairstyle for a deep plunge evening dress with long sleeves

This dress called for a retro hairstyle, and Adriana Lima perfectly achieved a winner look with the right jewelry. So, if you’re wearing a deep plunge dress, let your hair down and give it a retro wave allure.

7. Hairstyle for a sleeveless deep plunge evening dress

This is the ultimate sexy and young look, so let your hair down the same way Hailey Bieber did. Loose long hair is the best way to go with sleeveless deep plunge evening dresses.

8. Hairstyle for a one shoulder dress with details

A one shoulder dress has been a favorite to plenty of women for a very long time, and we’re so here for it. For this dress, Zendaya made a very sleek high bun, which is the best way to highlight the statement sleeve.

9. Hairstyle for a choker evening dress

If you’re wearing a dress with an attached choker, then the best way to style your hair is with an up-do or a messy up-do.

10. Hairstyle for a strapless evening dress

Zendaya is the woman you’d want to copy if you want to look young and sexy. The woman knows how to dress! For a strapless dress, let your hair down and look fresh as ever.

Finally, you should know that you have the maximum freedom to do whatever you want with your hair; there are no rules here. We're just showing you some inspirational ideas that you may like. You can even go with other creative hairstyles, such as braids, Rasta, or half up hairstyles. 

Which hairstyle do you like best? Do you think these hairstyles suit the dresses?