A day by the pool or the beach can be FUNtastic, yet it can leave your hair miserable. Sun, chlorine, sea salt and hot breeze can all affect your hair negatively and leave it dry. You should also consider your hair when you think of protection, and not only your skin. Here are some tips to protect your hair at the beach.

1. A beach hat is always essential. Not only does it protect your hair from evil sun rays but it can also be a stylish beach accessory to style your hair and make you stand in a crowd.

2. Wear sunscreen on your hair. Yes, hair sunscreen exists and your should invest in a good hair sunscreen spray. Spritz some of it every now on then while you're at the beach or pool.

3. Style your hair in a bun, braid or ponytail. Pull your hair up and keep it secured in style.

4. Rinse your hair right after your step out of the beach. It's very important that sea salt doesn't rest in your hair for a long time as it eats up the oil in your scalp 

5. Don't leave your home without moisturizing your hair and scalp. You hair will automatically start to dry off when you expose it to the sun or humid. Apply a handful of hair cream or paste on your hair evenly.