Do you want to know how to protect your hair from heat damage? No ones like brittle, thin hair and split ends. They're definitely not the best thing ever. However, your flat iron and blow dryer can make your hair look absolutely amazing which drives you to use them even more. That's why you should always know how to protect your hair from heat damage and still leave it healthy and good looking! 

1. In order to protect your hair from heat damage, make sure your hair is not too wet while you blow dry it. The right way to dry your hair after a shower, is to dry it gently with a soft towel then leave it to air dry for a bit before subjecting it to the blow dryer.

2. Using an anti-heat hair spray is almost crucial, in order to protect your hair from heat damage. Spritz the anti-damage hair spray on the ends of your hair strands and make your way up. Leave it a bit so your hair can absorb it.

3. Hair serum can literally do wonders to your hair. It can combat frizz while it also protects your hair from extreme hair damage, as the products acts like a protecting shield to your hair. Never skip applying hair serum on your hair in order to protect it from heat damage but make sure you don't apply too much of it so your hair won't become greasy.

4. Blow drying requires using many tools, and choosing the wrong ones could be the reason why your hair becomes damaged after a blow dry. Go for brushes that relatively have separate bristles because they tend to distribute heat more evenly.

5. Another important thing when it comes to protecting your hair from damage, is to know your hair quite well and the right amount of heat it needs to be straightened. If you have thick wavy hair, you may need to adjust the heat setting higher than someone with thin straight hair.

6. Never forget about using an after blow dry hair spray, that is rich in oil, in order to substitute the amount of oils and minerals lost during the blow dry. Not only will it protect your hair from heat, but also it will help your hair stay in place. 

7. The way you style your hair directly reflects on your hair's health. Make sure not to style your hair in tight hairdos, like a very tight ponytail or bun, because this can highly damage and weaken your hair follicles.