Since going to the hair salon isn't an option these days amidst the quarantine, our hair hasn't been in its best condition. Split ends are getting out of control, bangs are becoming longer and layers are losing their volume. Our mood and confidence flips upside down when our hair is trimmed and looking great, so why not learn how to cut your own hair at home. We know it sounds scary but so many people learned to do it, which means you can too.

So we came today to share with you everything you would want to know about cutting your own hair at home, with tips and some amazing video tutorials we found online...

All the hair tips you need in one place...

How to cut your own hair at home:

How to cut long hair at home

Sometimes girls with long hair get bored and are in desperate need of a trim or chop. It is not as difficult as many seem to think, it takes a few simple steps...


1. Wet your hair, either by washing it or spraying it with a spray bottle.

2. Brush and comb your hair really well to get rid of any knots.

3. Tie your hair in a low ponytail, positioning more than one hair tie to split it into equal distances.

4. Point out your desired length according to the hair tie position and cut it.

Watch the video below to follow the steps perfectly...

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How to trim and cut the ends of your hair at home

If you have a lot of split ends, your hair definitely needs a trim, so here's what you can do...


1. Wash your hair.

2. Comb your hair really well to get rid of any tangles.

3. Gather one section of your hair and leave the other one. 

4. Start by dividing and sectioning the part you left loose and twirl the sections. 

5. Take each twist and start trimming any stray hairs from the split ends and then go to the ends. 

6. Repeat step 4 and 5 with the rest of the hair.

7. After finishing this section, release the other one you tied up and do the same steps. 

Now watch the video to see how it's done...

How to cut your own bangs at home

If you are a fan of bangs, you definitely need to cut them from time to time to maintain their shape...


1. Divide your hair into 2 sections.

2. Using a thin comb, take a section of your front hair right to the side, diagonally, and the same amount on the left side, almost like you're shaping the sides of a triangle.

3. You can increase the density of the hair you take depending on how thick you want your bangs to be.

4. Straighten these strands really well with a hair straightener.

6. Collect the rest of your hair and tie it to the back, leaving only the strands you will cut.

7. Determine the length you want, and you can divide these strands and cut each side separately according to length you want.

Note: When cutting bangs, it is better to start cutting them gradually until you reach the length you want. Don't snip them off all at once. 

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How to cut an A-line bob at home

If you want to try a new haircut and you're looking for a fresh chop, you can try doing a bob, which is a celebrity favorite. Watch the video and follow the steps. 

How to cut curly hair at home

If you have curly hair, you're probably finding it difficult to cut your ends and make them even, but today we'll show you the right way to do it.


1. Wet your hair with a spray bottle, so it's easier to manage.

2. Brush your hair with the right brush for curly hair.

Find the right hair brush for your hair type.

3. Tie your hair in a really high ponytail at the utmost front of your hair.

4. Place another hair tie in the middle of the ponytail and another one right before the ends or at the length you want to cut.

5. Start cutting below the hair tie.

6. Loosen the last hair tie and make sure that the length is equal. 

How to cut your hair into layers at home

Layers give the hair really nice volume, shape and are so flattering, especially if you have thin hair. However they can be a little challenging to cut. This tutorial shows you how to cut layers easily in clear steps. 

Watch how to layer you hair at home...

Main Image Credits: Instagram @cajmel