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| by Nada Allam

How to Trim Your Hair at Home

Let's face it, we all really hate that trip to the hairdresser for a short simple trim. Because no matter how much we stress that we don't want to cut past a certain length, the outcome is always a whole lot shorter. So ladies, it is time to take matters into your own hands, and cut your hair yourself. There are key tricks to cutting your hair at home evenly, so that the outcome is precise. Here is all you need to know: 


1. This goes without saying, start by taking a shower or wetting your hair.

2. Brush it all out so that there are no tangles or knots.

3. Flip your head over and brush your hair downwards.

4. Pull all your hair together and tie it at the end with a hair band or using your hands.

5. The ends of your hair should be a lot more visible, now cut in a straight line all the way across.

6. Once you are done cutting, flip your hair back and split it into two halves.

7. Brush both sides of your hair and look in the mirror to compare and check if they are equal. You can also pull both sections of your hair down with your hands, under your chin, until they both meet. Place both ends next to one another and check for accuracy or any loose strands. 


- After trimming, you will need another pair of eyes to look at your hair to see if it is all equal.

- If you want some layers, do not cut your hair yourself and go to a professional.

- Make sure your scissors are sharp enough, blunt scissors will make the process more tedious and might lead to unevenness, since you will have to stop and go again.

- You can cut your hair when it is dry, in fact you might end up cutting a lot less.

- Do not cut too much, trim your hair a bit less than you would initially want. That way if you are unhappy with the results you still have some length to fix it. 

I came across this video, I thought visual aids would be a bit more helpful. Good luck!

Video Credits: Howcast

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