I Tried TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth, and Here’s What It Did to My Hair

Amira Azzouz
5/28/17, 12:00 AM

If I have one guilty pleasure, it’s trying out new things with my hair. Whenever my friends see me, I always have either a different hairstyle, cut or color. Needless to say, that also means my hair is pretty damaged and rarely under control.

My recent makeover included dip-dying my hair into a greenish/teal color, and that involved bleaching it before adding that color. Of course that resulted in messy hair ends, that are quite unmanageable. I struggled with how I could fix this, without having to cut off the tips, because that would basically mean having to remove the green color from my hair, and let’s face it, it still does make me happy, so I had to find another solution.

When I heard about TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth, I thought why not give it a try, it’s just another experiment with my hair, and then I could report back to you guys the results. First things first, here’s a not so pretty picture of how my hair ends looked liked.

I started off by using the TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth shampoo, which doesn't leave your hair dry or give off that rough feeling, compared to many others I have tried before; I didn't feel an immediate need to add a conditioner to get my wet hair into a better state. In other words, their shampoo was very easy on the hair, and cleaned it perfectly. Next up was using their conditioner, which I left on for a few minutes as I do with any other brand, and I also made sure to add more of it on my hair ends, my hair needs that extra boost.

Once done with my shower, I brushed my hair, then divided it into several strands. The instructions tell you to go for four strands, but because I have thicker hair, I went for many more strands instead. Once that was done, I added the TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment properly onto each strand, then used a comb to make sure it reached all parts of my hair.

I then used my regular blow dryer to dry my hair, you need to make sure your hair is not even damp. Now it was time to get my flat iron out, and using heat, I sealed in the TRESemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment. For best results, make sure you iron out each strand of your hair three times.

I personally loved how my hair felt like, after using the TRESemme Keratin Smooth products. They made my hair super smooth, it smelled amazing, not to mention the tips weren’t acting out as they usually do. Overall, it looked like I had just went to a fancy salon for a good blowout. 

See for yourself how my hair looked afterwards below. The good news is, if you continue using the shampoo and conditioner it can last up to 7 days between washes, but the bad news is it’s a bit time consuming. But you know what? Hair pampering wins at any given day!


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