It's true, ombré hair had its moment of fame, and you might think that it's time to get over and done with it. But truth is, it's never too late to go for the ombré hair trend! What's special about this trend, is that you dip-dye the hair subtly from the roots to the ends, the end result is hair that's dark from the top and light at its bottom.

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While ombré hair works for women with different shades of hair color, it's especially flattering on brunettes. Think naturally dark hair highlighted with brown, caramel and soft gold streaks à la Lily Aldridge and Jessica Alba. As for blondes, the ombré hair trend can work too, but in that case, it's better to reverse, and color the hair ends in a dark shade, leaving the roots light as it is. Ombré hair is actually a great approach to change your hairstyle, without having to go for an extreme makeover. As they say, a little goes a long way. Oh, and one of the perks of having ombré hair is not having to worry about dying your roots!

To inspire you, we've sorted out some of our favorite celebrities with ombré hair, so when you decide to go to your hair colorist, just show them a photo of the one you liked the most!

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