Lately celebrities have become quite fond of the slicked back wet hair look. It’s not considered as a new hairstyle, but the slicked back wet hair look is one of the sexiest hairstyles for women. I’ve always been puzzled how can I keep my hair slicked back and straight even after it dries? 

Well the question has been answered, and you have two easy options to sport the slicked back wet hair look:

1. The Kim Kardashian way:

Kim Kardashian has admitted that she doesn’t wash her hair every day. In fact she washes it every five days, so by the fifth day her hair becomes oily and dirty.  What she does is, she pulls it all to the back, and with some hairspray or gel she sets it in place.

2. The hairdresser way:

If you’re a person who cannot stand dirty hair, then this option will be easier for you.

- You need to straighten your hair at home or at the hairdresser.

- Next you need to add a little bit of volume with a comb. Grab a piece of your hair at the front of your head. Section your hair then backcomb each section to give it that subtle poof. 

- Pour some gel on your hair and comb. Next, start brushing your hair to the back. 

- Voila, you just perfected the slicked back wet hair look.