An itchy scalp is one of those highly interrupting and embarrassing symptoms that need immediate relief. The one thing that guarantees you a worry free scalp is the new Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp care Shampoo and Conditioner with Eucalyptus extract. How? It's simple really, historically eucalyptus leaves were used to treat inflammation and skin injuries. Head & Shoulders itchy scalp care regimen which is designed specifically for females. So, finally! We can relieve our heads from our daily interruptions, thanks to Head & Shoulders.

But that’s not all! Head & Shoulders team took the concept one step further. With the new campaign, the team managed to cater to one of the core needs of a woman in her daily life. A woman has quite the few responsibilities in her daily routine, ranging from taking care of her household, to work and let alone taking care of herself. Head & Shoulders has done what seems to be the unattainable: it gave women time to relieve not just their scalps, but their heads as well.

First, the team surprised women who were doing their shopping in a busy hypermarket. The Head & Shoulders  runners showed up to take care of the lucky woman, giving her the chance to indulge in a massage session to the music of a live violin player while a runner dedicated just for her comfort completed her grocery shopping while she was relaxing.

The Head & Shoulders team did not just stop in the supermarket, but took it to another level: the workplace. They tracked down women in one of Cairo’s most bustling offices on a Sunday morning, and asked the women how they would like to relieve their mind on a busy work day. Next, in the middle of a stressful day, the Head & Shoulders team surprised the women with what they wished for by transforming their conference room into a pampering spa. Complete with massages, manicures and various treats and delicacies, the women could enjoy their lunch break while unwinding to the soothing tunes of live harp playing. One lucky employee whose biggest worry was being stuck in traffic, got the extra luxurious treatment of getting relieved from the stress of driving for the day by enjoying a superstar limo ride back home. While women thought they were just headed into another manic Sunday, they surprised them where they least expected it and totally ‘relieved their heads’.

The Head & Shoulders campaign was extremely refreshing. With just one simple example the team managed to portray what a worry free woman looks like; happy and fresh. Head & Shoulders is all about tackling the needs of a woman, and a worry free woman is most definitely a happy one.