Let's face it we all hate frizzed up hair and it must be contained. The problem with frizz, is that it would ruin any hairdo you choose to go for, so you need to handle them. For example if you try to go for a bun with frizzy hair, you need to flatten the frizz and the stray hairs. Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to prevent frizzy hair

1. Firstly and most important of all, you need to keep your hair nourished. Make sure to do hair masks and trim your hair regularly to always keep it healthy.

2. Apply an anti-frizz serum to damp hair. However, don't go over board with the serum, you don't want the outcome to be an oily look.

3. A great way of preventing frizz is, when blow drying your hair, leave it a little damp then style it.

4. Do not over wash your hair and do not shampoo excessively. Frequent shampooing will dry out your hair leading to frizz.

5. When drying your hair, try to point the hair dryer downwards, not upwards with hair flying around. Contain your hair as much as possible.

6. Do not dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel. Just wrap your hair in the towel and squeeze out the water as much as you can. 

7. Tie your hair up to reduce frizziness. Go for braids, buns and ponytails to try and contain it. You can do that when your hair is damp, or after it dries.

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