Flipping your head over, running your hands through it to create some more volume; a move that only makes your hair fluffy for a couple of moments, and then it falls flat again. If you can relate to that scenario, then you're probably like me; always on the look out for ways to give my hair more volume. There are some tricks to maintain hair volume, and they don't include an army of hair products. There is no doubt that voluminous hair is sexy, so give your flat mane some life by reading these six tips to give your hair more volume.

1. A haircut that suits your hair type is crucial. If you have fine hair and need to add more volume, go for a slightly layered haircut. Maintain your hair's thickness as too much layers won't give your hair more volume. 

2. Your hair can get really weighed down if you're using the wrong shampoo or excess conditioner. If you want to give your hair more volume, you should go for a volumizing shampoo and use conditioner only on your hair ends. Applying conditioner to your scalp could leave residues that will eventually make your hair lifeless.

3. A good blow dry is key to giving your hair extra volume. Use a medium heated hair dryer and blow your hair upside down, this helps lift the roots hence adding more volume. If you use a hair brush while drying it, make sure to use a big round one, section your hair and brush it upwards from the roots. When you're done, switch the hair dryer to its cool setting and give your hair a cool air blast to finish off.

4. An extra lift could be given to your hair by applying hair mousse. Add a small sized dollop of hair mousse in your palms, rub it evenly onto your towel dried hair while avoiding the roots. Leave it to dry naturally, the hair mousse will help give your hair more volume, adding some life to your flat hair.

5. Backcombing is probably one of the oldest tricks used to give hair more volume. When dry, section your hair and comb it backwards to tease it and get that 'big hair' effect. Next use your fingers to smooth out the teased tangles. You don't have to go through all your hair if you want a little bit of an uplift, just tease the hair at the crown of your head and this will help diminish your dull hair look. Spritz some hair spray, and then style your hair as desired.

6. The most simple thing you can do to give your hair more volume instantly, is to change your hair parting. If you usually part your hair from the middle, try parting it on a side instead and it will give you a quick fix.