Personally I am not very fond of cutting my hair. I hate that I have to go for a monthly trim and walk around for a few months with short hair. Sure it looks healthier and all, however I dread the day when I realize, it's time to head to the hairdresser. In an attempt to decrease the amount of time I head over to the hairdresser, I have restored my faith in hair products. I figure, if I take care of my hair as much as possible, then I'll only have to trim every now and then. Hair serums have become my new best friends nowadays. The awesome thing about serums is that they offer your hair a lovely shine, reduce frizziness, smooth your hair and they smell amazing. Sure your shampoo smells great, but it's the scent of the serum that will last you a couple of days. Using a serum after every shower will condition your hair lightly, making it soft and silky. Pamper your hair with serums after your shower as much as possible and be sure to do a hair mask every other month. That way you will keep your hair healthy for as long as possible, and cut back on trimming at the hairdresser. Here are a few hair serums that I have tried out and worked wonderfully, just be sure to pick the type of serum that suits your hair type. 

Tip: You can use your hair serums as a quick hair mask. Before your shower apply the hair product to your hair for around 15-30 minutes, then shower and wash your hair thoroughly.