Don't we all suffer from the same hair problems? Whether it's split ends, breakage or the lack of shiny and healthy looking hair. That being said, I always was the kind of person who liked to experiment different things when it comes to my hair; colors and cuts, which was the main issue my hair was lacking the healthiness factor. Most women will relate to my previous sentence, because most of us like to unleash their creativity when it comes to our hair.

After getting introduced to the new and improved Pantene, I thought why not give it a try and I actually loved it. It has a great smell and more importantly it helps with damaged hair. I'm sure you've heard it all before, but with the new technology they have been working on for years now, the new Pantene provides an additional layer to hair cuticles, reducing the effects of damage and prevents issues such as split ends, tangles, breakage and manageability for hair. In other words, it makes your hair really healthy that it shines.

To go into more details on how their new technology works, think of it that way, when you have a problem in order to solve it the right way, you need to go back to the root itself to be able to fix it. That's exactly what they have done! 

Through three easy steps, you'll have your healthy and shiny hair back to normal in no time. Starting off with Step 1 which is the Shampoo, which as I call it should be the healthy foundation for your hair. With the new Pantene containing caring polymers, which help repair the damage, it's the perfect way to start, as it removes impurities from the hair and scalp. 

Step 2 is of course the Conditioner which provides nourishment for those parts of your hair that need it the most, while moisturizing and protecting your cuticles to reduce the signs of hair damage.

As for Step 3, which is the Oil Replacement Treatment, it mimics the natural waterproof layer of your hair to provide even more protection and hence nourishing, moisturizing and repairing intensely damaged hair...

And finally, to complete the full regimen, make sure you apply the Hammam cream once a week.

A few easy steps, and voila in no time you'll have that problem out of your way.

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