Girls love to get a new look, and one of the easiest ways to achieve that, is by trying a trending hairstyle. So what are the top trending hairstyles for girls in 2017? You'll shortly find out!

In 2017, short bobs and long bobs are a hugely trending hairstyle for girls; everyone is kind of chopping off their hair, and that's because this haircut gives off such a fashionable look. However, long hairstyles are also trending, many girls are embracing their long locks - but be careful, because such a hairstyle requires lots of hair care to look amazing.

What are some of the other trending hairstyles for girls in 20177? Well, there are also blunt bangs, top-knot hair buns and boxer braids.

Now scroll through to see photos of the top trending hairstyles for girls in 2017, and let us know which one are you considering.

Main Image Credits: Instagram: @NourAridaOfficial