I know we probably don't give our hair much thought as we head for a workout. While a ponytail is usually a go-to when exercising, I hate strays and prefer to go for a hair-do that will not result in any strands of hair coming out. Here are three hair styles that are very suitable when going for a workout. They are extremely effective and also quite cute, so why not?

1. Bun

There is nothing better than whipping your hair up into a tight bun. Just make sure to use tight hair bands and elastics so that it doesn't get loose while working out. With a bun, nothing will come across your face.

2. Braided Ponytail

As much as a ponytail is efficient, a braided ponytail is even better. Braid your ponytail and tie it at the bottom with an elastic. That way, you will avoid your ponytail moving from side to side when you run and your hair getting fuzzy

3. Side Part Braid

What I love about a braid is that it control a lot of stays. You don't want to use hair spray before you hit the gym to keep your hair in place, so braid your side bangs from the parting of your hair all the way down. Your hair will look well done thoughout your workout and will not be a bother at all.

Tip: If you do decide to go for a ponytail, make sure to go for an elastic headband to keep the strays in place. 

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