As far as I can remember, I have been taught to wash my hair in a certain way, and I am pretty sure most of you reading this right now have been following the same method. You wash your hair first with shampoo, you rinse it well, you experience a very dry hair moment, and the conditioner comes in to save the day!

Well, I'll hereby ask you to totally drop all what you know about hair washing, because apparently things can be done differently, and with better results. Lately, no matter what shampoo or conditioner I buy, my hair seemed dry and tired, until I heard about the reverse hair washing technique. So what is the reverse hair washing?

Basically, reverse hair washing means conditioning your hair first, and then shampooing! Yes, you read that right; you wet your hair with water, and then you start with conditioner. Give your hair a gentle rinse with water, leaving a little bit of conditioner in your hair, and then pour over your shampoo.

Reverse hair washing is great, because the conditioner works as a primer, it doesn’t allow shampoo to strip your hair from moisture, but don’t worry, reverse hair washing technique allows the shampoo to spread evenly on your hair. And the result? A gorgeous volume, and easy going hair.

So would you try it? I did, and so far I like it!