I was always the girl who had long hair but then one day a couple of years ago, an idea sparked in my head, having a bob haircut. So I started a pre-extreme haircuts poll among my friends, began mini reference photos research and then I made it happen. Well, let me tell you I was heartbroken seeing inches of my hair being cutoff and I wasn't sure if I had taken the right decision or not, but I actually loved the drastic change. I enjoyed being the girl with the short hair after my bob haircut and got used to handling it, yet since my hair has grown back I don't think I would go for it again.

I'm all for change, but there are a few things you should consider before doing an extreme hair makeover. If you have long hair and you got inspired to go for a bob haircut, just put a little bit of thought into why you're doing so. Maintaining short hair is much more different than taking care of your long locks, so if you've been hating your hair lately and want to chop it off for easier maintenance, then don't do it. With short haircuts, you'd have to make sure that your hair texture can handle such a style, so you don't end up having to go to the hair salon just to blow-dry it. Also, I wouldn't recommend going for a bob haircut and bangs at the same time if you haven't tried any of those styles earlier, after-all we don't have celebrity status hair, it's a fact that it wouldn't look effortlessly amazing, yes, the truth hurts but we ain't Karlie Kloss.

So, when you are certain that you want to go for that bob haircut, make sure to show your hairdresser photos of your favorite cuts and explain exactly what you have in mind, polished sleek hair, messy layers or asymmetrical sculpted style. Despite knowing that bob haircuts need high maintenance, they are so tempting at the moment, seeing celebrities looking great in short hair just makes you want to go for it. Now the question is, would you go for a bob haircut? Here are some of our favorite bob haircut styles as seen on the celebrities.