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| by Nada Allam

Eight Ways to Use the Stairs to Workout

I know sticking to a gym or workout schedule is extremely hard in the busy life we live. However, when there is a will there is way, so if you are determined to get your workout on, keep reading. First of all, there is always a way to use your surroundings to keep up a healthy fit life. For the purpose of this article, I am going to tell you eight ways you can use the stairs of your building or house to your advantage and workout

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1. Of course the obvious way is to go up and down a flight of stairs. This will increase your heart rate, burn some fats and tone your body. Though it may seem boring, set yourself a target, blast some music and don't stop till you reach your goal.

2. Skipping a step or two. Just like scaling up and down the stairs, but instead skip a step or two, and use your arms to propel your body forward and give yourself some balance. This is a great workout for the lower part of your leg.

3. Hopping up the stairs is also a great way to workout. Place your arms on your waist and go up the stairs one hop at a time. Place your feet shoulder width apart for balance. This workout is very good for your quads and calves. 

4. Push ups! Place your hand on the bottom step, stretch out the rest of your body and do a set of push ups.

5. Tricep dips: This is kind of the opposite of push up. Sit on the first step, and place your hands on the step next to you. Extend your body so that your weight is balanced on your hands and the heel of your feet. Lift yourself up and down by bending your elbow. This is very efficient for the toning of your arms.

6. Side squats is also a great way to use the stairs. Place one foot on the ground floor and the other on the first step. Extend your arms out and squat down. 

7. Stair lunges: This involves you going up the stairs, but with every step, lunge your leg up till your chest, and repeat. This is a great method to strengthen the front and back of your thighs.

8. Planking, or how I like to call it planking with a twist. Place your hands on the second or third step of the stairs and extend your feet out. Bend your elbow, then start moving your legs. Bring your right knee up to your right elbow and vise versa. Repeat and speed up the process, it is as if you're running but with your hands up supporting you and you are not really moving. This will work your chest, hips and stomach.

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