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| by The Fustany Team

How to Get in Shape Just in Time for New Year's Eve Parties

Wondering how to get in shape just in time for New Year’s Eve? We’re only two weeks away from New Year’s Eve, but you can actually do it!

While we’re making plans for New Year's Eve parties, and deciding on what we’ll be wearing, we mostly forget to pay attention to what we eat, and we start to panic and be afraid that our party dresses won’t fit! But no worries, two weeks are enough time to shed a kilo or a two, and get in shape for New Year's Eve.

Remember, your goal is to look good and healthy; there’s no diet plan on earth that will make you shed 10 kilos of your weight in 15 days, and even if there is something like that, it’s probably not healthy and might put your life in danger. So let’s see what you can do to get in shape just in time for New Year’s Eve.

1. Forget about junk food, to get in shape just in time for New Year’s Eve.

It’s about time you give up on this unhealthy lifestyle, we know pizza tastes like heaven, but having a healthy gut and a flat tummy is better. So start your New Year’s resolution - NOW. Stop ordering junk food, and start making your own healthy recipes at home. Junk food contains a lot of unneeded sodium, which bloats you, and unhealthy oils, which ruin your skin and overall health.

2. Adopt a light workout routine, to get in shape just in time for New Year’s Eve.

If you’re not a workout person, it’s also about time to start! But be careful, going crazy with workout routines will only leave you injured, watching TV on your couch on New Year’s Eve. So start by walking for 30 minutes every day, and if you feel good, combine walking with running. This will help you burn calories and get your legs stronger. If you’re looking for a tight butt, then it’s also about time to start squatting.

3. Eat a balanced diet, to get in shape just in time for New Year’s Eve.

Now that you stopped eating junk food, it’s about time to balance your portions, and the quality of you food you eat. Not eating would only make you feel hungry later, which will make you eat more, which will lead to more weight gain. To increase your metabolism, and to stay focused and healthy during the day, you need to eat three healthy meals and two snacks in between. Don’t eat carbohydrates at night, and don’t confuse your snack with a meal. Your snack should be a bar of dark chocolate or a small pack of salty biscuits. If you do that, we guarantee that during the main meals, you will not over eat.

4. Load up on water, to get in shape just in time for New Year’s Eve.

Water is the main key to a healthy gut and a healthy skin. Water is what makes our body function better and feel better. So don’t forget to drink your share of water every day, even if you’re not thirsty. You should be drinking 8 cups of water every day to stay healthy. 

Don't forget to pick a party dress that highlights your beauty and flatters your body shape, because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

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