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| by Jasmine Kamal

20 Ways to Reduce Hunger and Fill Your Appetite Throughout the Day

Sometimes our appetite can be confusing and hard to understand, being unsystematic and random. For a lot of us we find ourselves getting really hungry really quickly even when we'd just eaten. If you're looking for a more healthy and organized meal plan throughout the day, this can be annoying. So, we're talking about tricks and tips to help fill your appetite and reduce random or constant feelings of hunger. There are so many healthy natural ways to reduce hunger and fill your appetite throughout the day.

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20 ways to fill your appetite and reduce the feeling of hunger

1. Make sure you follow a healthy balanced diet, where you try to incorporate more protein and less carbs. Proteins help us feel full for longer and they limit the increase in body fat. 

2. Eat your fruits as is instead of making them into a juice. That's because eating food of any kind makes us feel more full, unlike drinking fluids.

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3. Water. Yes, water. It's important to stress on the facts that drinking enough water during the day can help you feel a lot more full. Make sure your drink 2 cups of water before and after each meal. 

4. Incorporate large amounts of fiber in your diet, as they contribute to the tightening of the stomach, slowing its emptying rate and affecting the secretion of the fullness hormone.

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5. Add ginger to your meals. It is enough to add 2 grams of ginger powder to each meal. Many studies have shown that it contributes to the feeling of fullness to a large extent.

6. Divide your meals properly throughout the day, so that there are 3 main meals integrated, with 3 small ones or snacks in between. Make sure that the space between the main and small meal is 3 hours. Doing so will not give your body the chance to feel hungry.

7. Choose your snacks or small meals smartly, so that they are also rich in protein and healthy fats, like nuts and yogurt.

8. Eat smaller portions but more frequently throughout the day. It's a great tip for filling your appetite while not being strict with yourself.

9. Set fixed and strict meal times, so that you send a signal to the brain that this is the time for food, which in turn will control the hunger signals.

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10. Eat slowly. Yes, this is a trick that I personally did at some point. When you eat slowly, the stomach begins to feel full.

11. Hot spices are a great way to fill an appetite. Having hot pepper or chili in your food, makes you feel full quickly. But if you don't like spicy food or you have a sensitive stomach, then definitely stay away from this. 

12. Try having a bite or two of dark chocolate between meals. Its bitter taste could give a fake feeling of fullness.

13. Two cups of coffee during the day are also fulfilling. Doctors confirmed that coffee works on the secretion of the peptide hormone. It is produced in the stomach and in turn makes you feel full. However, it's not good to drink too much coffee throughout the day. Moderation is key with everything. 

14. Also don't forget to start with an appetizer like a salad or soup before your main dish. That way your meal in more balanced and filling without getting bored. 

15. Chew on a low-calorie gum when you feel hungry. Try to find a healthy chewing gum that you have before or after meals to make you feel more full.

16. Visit your doctor, because sometimes that feeling of hunger is actually an illusion that's masking pain or stomach aches. So make sure everything's healthy and safe.

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17. Follow a diet rich in omega-3.

18. Exercise also helps reduce the production of hunger hormones. Although you may feel very hungry after finishing exercise, with a healthy meal rich in protein, you will feel full for a long time afterwards.

19. All nutritionists agree that sleeping 8 hours a day can really help as well.

20. Try to work on your mental health as much as possible. Stress and anxiety can cause constant hunger for some people, while with others it does the opposite, making them feel full and not wanting to eat. Both cases aren't healthy, so work on meditation and breathing exercises to relax your body and mind. 

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