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| by Dalia Hosny

How to Stop Overeating and Lose Weight

How to stop overeating and lose weight is certainly not an easy thing to do and definitely takes time.  Weight loss is not about following a certain diet, but rather following a healthier lifestyle and changing the way you approach your daily life. If you're trying to look for ways to avoid overeating, the below tips will help you out.

1. Drink lots of water.

Loading up on lots of water is always a great way to stop overeating and lose weight. Of course water has endless benefits, but it can also make you feel fuller and will instantly flush out all the toxins that make you feel bloated. Stick to a routine of drinking two cups of water 30 minutes before every meal as this is a great way to avoid overeating. 

2. Don't stay up late.

Staying up late on a regular basis will only make you want to eat more, and hence this will encourage overeating. Also not sleeping enough can mess with your energy levels which negatively affects your general metabolism throughout the day, and this definitely won't help you lose weight. 

3. Keep track of what you eat. 

This one is not very easy and can be stressful, but keeping a list of what you eat will truly help you lose weight. Towards the end of the day, or even midday, when you take a look at what you ate, it will help you know when you need to eat or even lessen your portions so you can lose weight.

4. Have healthy snacks in your bag.

I'm the kind of person who always has an apple in my bag. Whenever you feel hungry, just grab a bite or two of the healthy vegetables or fruits you have with you and this will make you feel full in between meals and encourage you to stop overeating until your next meal. Make sure to go for foods that are full of fibers. 

5. Never skip breakfast.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal on the day. Recently, researches have found that those who eat breakfast regularly are more likely to lose weight and stop overeating throughout the day.

6. Start your meal with salad.

Who doesn't like a bowl of fresh vegetables with some nice dressing? Believe it or not, a bowl of salad before your meal can make you feel twice as full and cut your original portion into half, which will help you avoid overeating and lose weight! 

7. Think before you eat.

I'm not asking you to obsess about food, what to eat and what not to eat. Instead, take a minute and think, are you really hungry, or are you eating  just because you're bored. Another important tip to help you stop overeating and lose weight is to stop eating when you're full.  

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