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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

In GIFs: 15 Struggling Moments You Go Through at The Gym

It’s a never ending struggle and, a love hate relationship between you and the gym. One moment you get really excited about the results you’re going to get after going to the gym, and the other you’re really depressed by how much pain you’ll feel during your workout. To summarize the mental struggle you go through the moment you step into the gym, here are 15 things that go through your head when you’re at the gym! 

1. The struggle starts a night before, when you start lying to yourself about waking up at 5 am to  exercise before work!

2. You made it once or twice to the gym at 6 am, but usually, you end up waking up late and decide to just go after work.

3. By 3 pm you get really excited about leaving work, you start fantasizing about the amount of workouts you’ll do, and the weight you’ll lose and the muscles you’ll gain!

4. You leave work by 5 pm feeling excited, but a few minutes later your eyes are getting uncontrollably heavy!

5. You shake it off at the door of the gym and, you remind yourself of all the great ideas you had at the office about working out!

6. You get on the treadmill, you start by walking, and you lie to yourself about spending only 5 minutes walking for warm up. You actually end up walking for 20 minutes and running for five minutes.

7. By now your body is ready for push-ups and squats, but you’re not emotionally ready to feel that muscle burn, so you head to the Orbitrack to give yourself more time.

8. 15 minutes later, you find yourself out of excuses to start those pushups and squats. You stare at the floor mat thinking about how much you really want a toned body, and that you're really fine with just burning fat, and that cellulite is something you should be proud of!

9. You try to focus on doing those push-ups. By now you're thinking about the minute you’ll get over this pain. It seems like forever.

10. Squats are that part when you think that you’re turning into a Victoria’s Secret model.

11. By the 12th rep you start questioning how much you really want to turn into a Victoria’s Secret model.

12.  By now, you’re trying to avoid the thought of crunches; your body is already in so much pain! But, you find yourself willingly doing it the moment you take a quick look at your belly.

13. The moment you finish, you lie down on the floor like a starfish trying to figure out which part of your body is hurting, until you realize that all of your body is hurting.

14. The moment you step out of the gym, you think how much of a hero you are and how healthy and fit you are, you’re just so full of yourself right now.

15. So you reward yourself with a burger that will probably make you cry later.

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