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I Did Rahet Bally’s Turbo Transformation Program and Here Is My Feedback

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Losing weight fast is a goal on pretty much every woman’s agenda. Naturally, hearing that Rahet Bally was offering an intense Turbo Transformation Programto help every woman reach results in just two weeks sounded extremely appealing. Two weeks is a great push to get anyone started on their weight loss journey and seeing positive results can give you that motivation to keep ongoing.

After attending the two-week Turbo Transformation Program, here's my feedback and results.

I managed to lose 1 pure kilogram of fat


Image Credits: Via Nada Kabil 

Not just 1 kg, there’s a difference, it’s a whole kilogram of just fat (and luckily most of it was focused on my belly fat, so yay). I also lost another kilogram of water weight, but for someone who does not workout on a regular basis, you will definitely shred more kilos and get rid of all the excess water weight. 

It’s intense


Here I was thinking that we’d be working out with mummies and it will be light and easy. The first day, I could barely catch my breath and was surprised at the strength of some of these mamas. However, if you’re a beginner, the coaches modify the workout according to your level and take it easy on you (sadly, I was not one of those getting the easy way out.)

Consistency is key


We worked 5 times a week for 2 weeks and though it was difficult to drag myself out of bed sometimes, there was a voice in the back of my head telling me that it’s just for two weeks. Remember, since it’s a short period, the only way you will see results is if you’re consistent.

My fitness level improved


I’m a person who has been working out regularly for the past five years, but the type of exercise I do is completely different from what the Turbo offers. After the first week, I found myself easily finishing the running laps without gasping for breath, meaning that my overall fitness level had progressed. 

The workouts varied every day


From Tabata to EMOM to strength and endurance trainings, the trainers were always switching it up in order to keep us entertained while working out. 

It’s not just for mamas


I am not a mother, but I still found it a rather intense workout and managed to get amazing results to kickstart my weight-loss journey.

It’s a great source of motivation


It helped me cut out sugars for two weeks. Well, except for that one time I found a skittles bag in my wardrobe that I devoured before I could even think. Otherwise, knowing that there was a time limit to this madness, made it easier for me to be strict, cut out the bar of chocolate I used to eat every day and follow a healthy diet. The community and other participants were also a great source of motivation.

Rahet Bally’s trainers were very professional


The trainers were motivating, friendly and always gave tips to ensure everyone’s safety.

Great results


Image Credits: Via Nada Kabil 

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the results, but kind of happy I won’t be getting up every morning to workout 5 times a week again. To get awesome results and start your weight-loss journey, you can sign up to Rahet Bally’s TURBO transformation programhere.

All Image Credits: Rahet Bally

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