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| by Omneya Hossam

Stop Trying To Lose Weight and You Actually Will

Yes, you read the title right. Stop trying so hard to lose weight and you might actually end up losing the weight. You want to lose that weight in a more relaxed and happier manner. The thing about wanting to lose weight is that we tend to stress and obsess over it. Stress is the opposite of weight loss and it may be the reason why you are not losing weight or feeling hungry all the time.

How this works...

If you decide to put your weight loss plans on hold and start living a happy fulfilling life by adapting to a healthy and relaxing lifestyle, you will end up losing weight. By eliminating a lot of stress you will in return help yourself feel less hungry and get better sleep which increases your metabolism.

What You Can Do Instead...

Quit losing weight for a certain period

Assign a period of time that you will not try to lose weight in and instead become relaxed and active but not for a reason. You will turn the stress off and start paying attention to other details.

Start exercising for fun

Pick some activity to do for fun. It could be dancing, diving or even just walking with a friend. This will help increase the levels of endorphins in your body which will make you feel happy and energetic.

Go on a new fulfilling diet

Skip the fad diets and go on a fulfilling diet that has all kinds of food. All foods are allowed but try to focus more on how to tase food and enjoy it rather than just feel full because that will make you feel full easier.


Practice meditation or yoga to become a calmer person and gain flexibility and strength. This will help your metabolism and help you feel more full rather than being hungry all the time.

When you stop stressing over weight loss and explore the fun part of a healthy lifestyle, you will end up losing weight and feeling comfortable in your skin, you will enjoy the process itself and become more patient and adapt to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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